Cheezy Business…

9 Sep

#1 best Food Truck by Avenue Magazine and #2 on Julie Van Rosendaal’s “must try” list the girls thought we better hit up this truck. It seemed like this was a super popular truck since there was a line up when we arrived but it was also the only truck on the block that day. We each ordered up a different sandwich and tried the soup. A shot of soup for $1 was my favorite purchase at the truck – so good! Here’s how we rated Cheezy Business overall:
Food: 11.5/20
Service: 10/12
Cost: $$ ($10-14)
Overall: 4/5
Shout out to Janet for the food truck photos! Thanks girl!


Living Room Dilemma

6 Sep

We’ve been in our home for 5 years and in that time have had the same paint colours. A beautiful burnt orange is on the main wall in the living room but I’ve recently decided it’s time for a change. The orange wall, original hardwood and dark furniture is warm and inviting but it’s just getting to warm and it’s time for a cleaner look.
Caveat to this one is it’s on a budget big time. We’ve got some other expenses coming up so this one had to be inexpensive. I’ve attached a photo of the current living room (this was from a fake photo shoot from 2 years ago) but as you’ve just heard…it’s still the same. And over the next few weeks I’ll post some ideas and fingers crossed, some changes!

4407 Charleswood

Labour Day Classic

3 Sep

EC and I got to hit up the Stamps game for the labour day classic!



Take 2

28 Aug

The great end of summer weather has got Janet and I out to JoJo’s BBQ.



First food truck of the season

26 Aug

The great end of summer weather has sparked me to hit up some of the best food trucks in the city. Julie Van Rosendaal sparked my interest to hit them all before summer wraps up. So Monday morning i set up to find the trucks and…none of the ten must try were around, so instead Waffles & Chix was in front of my husbands office. We met up to give it a go – I ordered up Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles and Korey had Fried Chicken Poutine. While we waited Korey’s colleagues walked by and another met us – food trucks really are fun when it’s a nice day and your surrounded by beautiful Central Memorial Park.
In the end, it cost us $20 for both and the chicken on my waffles was amazing! 5 stars, but the waffles got too soggy in the end for me. Tried a couple bites of Korey’s and this one has to rank one of the best. Crispy fires, crispy fried chicken and white gravy. Yum!



Enjoying the great weather, finally!

22 Aug


Photo test

20 Aug

Over the weekend I hit up the new farmers market at Symons Valey Ranch. It of course had all the aspects we’ve come to love about farmers markets, and big plus here, it’s close to my house.
Today I’m posting two shots of some BC blueberries. One taken in an iPhone and the other on an SLR. While I enjoy the ease of taking a photo and instantly being able to post it or send it. the SLR wins for taking those amazing pictures that inspired me to spend the big coin on the camera in the first place. Downside was it took me about half an hour to get the photo off the camera since I had to find the cord to transfer, download all 417!! photos that were on it and then post it.