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September Photo Challenge

17 Sep

A few years ago I started a photo blog so I could learn to take better pictures. Every second month I’d try and participate in a photo challenge; they were often tough but always entertaining and inspiring. So I’ve found a September Photo a Day challenge. And to kick it off here’s #15 Season.



Tomato Competition

17 Sep

ML brought these cutie tomatoes home from work at The Garden Retreat on the weekend. They hosted a tomato tasting competition at the garden store and Ms. Morgan even tried one. For those of you that don’t know Morgan, she’s not a huge fan of vegetables so we were super impressed that she tried one! The extra cherry tomatoes that weren’t quite ready made the trip home and are currently living in the window sill.
With the warm sun dining into the kitchen this afternoon, the cuteness of the tomatoes struck me. It’s pretty neat how they’re their own rainbow of tomato colors! So I grabbed a quick snapshot before the moment passed.



Labour Day Classic

3 Sep

EC and I got to hit up the Stamps game for the labour day classic!




Enjoying the great weather, finally!

22 Aug