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Shogun Grill

27 Sep

IMG_0853 IMG_0858 IMG_0857

We found this truck parked by Central Memorial Park on a lovely day in September and decided we must try it out. Specializing in Japanese delights such as teriyaki, yakisoba, gyoza and edamame we opted for the beef teriyaki and to try the takoyaki. The teriyaki was a good portion, hot and yummy, the takoyaki was a bit of an adventure; it is chucks of octopus with vegetables and in a batter with Japanese mayo and fish flakes. The presentation was beautiful and the octopus fresh, we enjoyed the dish but it isn’t for those who are just looking for an Edo type Japanese lunch. We also purchased a couple Japanese soft drinks, which were an adventure to open, and were sweet and delicious.

Food 19/20
Service 11/12
Overall 4/5


September Photo Challenge

17 Sep

A few years ago I started a photo blog so I could learn to take better pictures. Every second month I’d try and participate in a photo challenge; they were often tough but always entertaining and inspiring. So I’ve found a September Photo a Day challenge. And to kick it off here’s #15 Season.


Tomato Competition

17 Sep

ML brought these cutie tomatoes home from work at The Garden Retreat on the weekend. They hosted a tomato tasting competition at the garden store and Ms. Morgan even tried one. For those of you that don’t know Morgan, she’s not a huge fan of vegetables so we were super impressed that she tried one! The extra cherry tomatoes that weren’t quite ready made the trip home and are currently living in the window sill.
With the warm sun dining into the kitchen this afternoon, the cuteness of the tomatoes struck me. It’s pretty neat how they’re their own rainbow of tomato colors! So I grabbed a quick snapshot before the moment passed.



Countdown is on!

16 Sep

With another 28 degree September day Janet and I queued up our Food Truck app and hit the pavement. Of our 10 food truck goal, we are half way there! We decided to pick our food truck simply based on going a different direction which led us to Los Compadres for Mexican. They certainly are serving up authentic Mexican lunch truck bites, and some intriguing pops in a glass bottle.

Total we tried 2 different kinds of pork taco’s, each served with a lime and onions. Janet’s was spicy already and mine was so not but they included a little spicy sauce to add. Here’s our scorecard results
Food: /20
Service: /12
Cost: $$ ($)
Overall: /5
And shout out to the photographer Janet!

Beakerhead Raygun Rocket

15 Sep

EC wanted to hit up the 40′ Raygun Rocket over the weekend that had landed for Beakerhead



9 Sep

Since August 27, Janet and I have been trying to check off the 10 must try food trucks before summer ends – which after the weekend we just had, seems extremely close! We were on the hunt for something fresh since we noticed on a few trucks it was lacking. So Greek it was! When we rounded the corner and saw the cute blue truck we were impressed with the first impression (they scored big points there). We ordered up two dishes that did not disappoint on the fresh category and these amazing feta stuffed meatballs over greens. Yum! Yum!
Food: 17/20
Service: 11/12
Cost: $$1/2 ($15)
Overall: 4/5
Thanks again for the photos Janet!

Cheezy Business…

9 Sep

#1 best Food Truck by Avenue Magazine and #2 on Julie Van Rosendaal’s “must try” list the girls thought we better hit up this truck. It seemed like this was a super popular truck since there was a line up when we arrived but it was also the only truck on the block that day. We each ordered up a different sandwich and tried the soup. A shot of soup for $1 was my favorite purchase at the truck – so good! Here’s how we rated Cheezy Business overall:
Food: 11.5/20
Service: 10/12
Cost: $$ ($10-14)
Overall: 4/5
Shout out to Janet for the food truck photos! Thanks girl!