First food truck of the season

26 Aug

The great end of summer weather has sparked me to hit up some of the best food trucks in the city. Julie Van Rosendaal sparked my interest to hit them all before summer wraps up. So Monday morning i set up to find the trucks and…none of the ten must try were around, so instead Waffles & Chix was in front of my husbands office. We met up to give it a go – I ordered up Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles and Korey had Fried Chicken Poutine. While we waited Korey’s colleagues walked by and another met us – food trucks really are fun when it’s a nice day and your surrounded by beautiful Central Memorial Park.
In the end, it cost us $20 for both and the chicken on my waffles was amazing! 5 stars, but the waffles got too soggy in the end for me. Tried a couple bites of Korey’s and this one has to rank one of the best. Crispy fires, crispy fried chicken and white gravy. Yum!



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